Achieve balance and harmony within the body with traditional Chinese Acupuncture!

Wellness Innovations is pleased to offer acupuncture in Rockford. Make an appointment with Dr. G as he utilizes this ancient practice to manipulate energy meridians, which can be found throughout the entire person. Utilizing needles during a “Balance” session enables us to target areas that may not be in perfect sync with others — from occasional aches or pains, all the way up through hormonal imbalances or infertility.

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Dr. Mikołaj Gozdalski, D.C. 

Originally from Chicago,  Dr. Gozdalski from an early age has been exposed to the great results, and philosophy patients may expect from chiropractic and physical therapy treatment. He received his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science from Loyola University Chicago, and thereafter continued following his interest in physiology, biomechanics, and conservative treatment by pursuing a career as a chiropractor. 

While studying to be a chiropractor, he consistently applied his knowledge while working as a personal trainer. Completing his education, he followed several chiropractors and physical therapists throughout the Chicago land area. Dr. Gozdalski has more recently expanded his focus on integrating Chinese acupuncture into his practice, utilizing the Balance Method, and practicing under Dr. Sam Chin.

From his experience working with chiropractors, physical therapists, and various protocols and specialties, he’s established a firm understanding that there is no one size fits all treatment. Whether this is seeking conservative chiropractic treatment and physical therapy, or being referred out to someone who may better help,