There’s a lot of emotions flying around today. It is Tuesday, April 30th and we are celebrating Miss Brenda. I keep joking with Brenda’s clients, telling them that maybe if we throw a big enough temper tantrum… We can get her to stay lol.

But Brenda knows that she always has a home with Wellness Innovations.

We are so excited for her to try out this retirement thang and be able to watch her explore and excel at her hobby of stained glass making. Cheers to you, Brenda 🎉💚🥂 We love you and I am so thankful you’ve been part of my team the last few years. 😘

Brenda has been a part of Wellness Innovations since 2019. Her time with us will always be valued and remembered. Her hard work, commitment, and dedication are worthy of admiration.

While filling her shoes would be a difficult task Tiffany, Emi, and Jozlynn are here to make sure that you remain cared for at Wellness Innovations.

Brenda will be greatly missed here at Wellness Innovations! We wish her the best of luck on this new journey to relax, spend time exploring, and immerse herself in hobbies.